Online listing on apps

  • We tend to curate our sales and thus make the best possible effort to list the products in such a way on all the E-commerce platforms
  • A+ guaranteed listings on all the platforms
  • Store page for individual FMCG brands

Inventory Management

  • All stocked products
  • Inventory audit every 15 days.
  • Labelled and counted products.
  • Consistence demand & organized inventory.

Order Management

  • 1800+ orders packed and delivered daily
  • Bulk shipment of orders.
  • Bulk packaging.
  • Entry of all orders in the excel sheet.
  • Order delivery in the estimated time given.

Advertising & campaigns

  • Marketing of all products done wisely on all E-commerce platforms.
  • Ad campaigns every season.
  • Discounts and deals.
  • Target Audience and loyal customer records maintained.

Storage and space

  • All products are stored according to their requirements.
  • AC rooms available to store cool products
  • No damage policy
  • Iced/ gel packaged products kept separately
  • Pesticide control check